Open letter to Ben Lewis, journalist and author of "The Great Contemporary Art Bubble Trailer Documentary" by Ben Lewis.

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Dear Ben Lewis,

I'm sorry for my English, sorry... I am French Artist, founder of the artistic movement of the New Relativity. I struggle against this speculative financial system in contemporary art that kills in the contemporary creativity in the world. I publish article after article on internet for the French people see your excellent documentary. I say: "France is the world champion in the number of art institutions (museums contemporary art, biennial) and I say France is the world champion of many artists excluded who do not find places to exhibit their artworks. Why? because all these institutional art exhibitions are only for financial speculation (Insider trading) with the money from French citizens. We want the museums of contemporary art stops immediately. We want spaces dissemination of contemporary creativity, (EDCC in french or SDCC in english) ), a home directed by artists such as dance, music, theater. We say stop ! Artists in France live in the precari and poverty, while the French institution spends much money for the art international mafia. artists in Europe should unite their efforts for the just cause, a just cause to defend and the hope of moving forward ! You did a great job, you're a good journalist, help us, help european artists who want things to change in the visual arts in the world. Artistic creation is a wonderful world, is a interstellar cloud, is a nebula of life and artistic creation loves the public. Artistic creation don't loves the financial mafia supported by institutions and money from the European Community, european culture and all the member states of the European Union. Lili-oto, artist.

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